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Hai Peepz!!...Thankz for wasting your time viewing D'MaDLeY blog. For the blog introduction, we wud like to share wif u guys about the history of D'MaDLeY. How? When? Where? Who? Wanna Know? Just sit back n relax.. Click the blue tag below...Enjoy!!Here are some of our history...

D’MaDLeY was getting start in action on 15th May 2004. We are from
Kay bee. This Band had been involved in this music industries almost 4 years and being formly by the two this members of D’MaDLeY which is Steve (Keyboardist/Vocal) and Ewan (Drummer). Actually before, there were 7 members in our band at first also as now. The two musicians were founded by Ewan which is Jeff (Lead Guitar) and Man as our bassist. Another 3 other members were founded by Steve, which are Liza & her sister Kyona as the Vocalist of the band and D’wan as our rhythm player. Altogether there were 5 musician and 2 Front-Line.
But now the line up of D’MaDLeY has changed and there are 3 new comers that is Adek (band member since Aug 2005), Pojee (band member since Nov 2006) & Asjad (band member since Jan 2007). Meanwhile, the 4 of us still maintain in this Ba
nd and we are Liza, Kyona, Steve & Ewan.

We choose the name "D’MaDLeY" not because of we play only medley songs, I know it’s kinda funny name f
or a band but for us, it means the groove what we had and what it feel in ourselves, that is D’MaDLeY. We liked to play any genre of music. As we can say,its versatile in other way. What inspired us much are those entire commercial bands that perform in pubs and lounge. They’re Awesome!! \m/ We play such as Groove, Ska, Reggae, Evergreen songs, Funky, Pop, Latin, Alternative, SLow Rock, Rock and now we’re still working on into Acid Jazz and Blues.

So this is us, we are, who w
e are, for us "Without Music, Life is a journey through a desert". Thank Q for spending some of your time reading our history lifetime.

[-] The 1st Batch of D'MaDLeY [-]

Okayz...we wud like to introduce one by one to you guys their position in the band..attitude..comitment and etc.. Kewl!! Miss 'Em Sooo Much.. Alot of Memories thru Laugh n Tears.. Stilll remember them no matter how far we go..how high we're at.. * FRESH *

1st we would like to introduce you to one of the founder a.k.a creator of D'MaDLeY..that was...

Steve (May 04'Till Dec '07) as Keyboardist/Vocalist

One of our founder/creator of the band. The Keyboardist oso as the male vocalist in the band since May 2004 until December 2007. It's been a year now he was no longer wif us. Still single and available ehehehe (Wah..promo jap!) Cumin 27yrs old thia January. He was the 'Big Bro' in the band before (Coco Ven). He ever took keyboard classes n loves singing alot! Merangkap vocal lelaki dalam band dulu. Pernah join Akira Talentime (intake c 'Dayat' time talentime), KB Idol and alot more singing competition!!We pray for you,hope u will success in watever u doo...n keep the kewl attitude.. ;)

..We wud like to introduce, Liza's Luvly sistah...that is...

Kyona (May '04 'Till Dec '07) as Vocalist

One of the band member yg paling kuat "melaram"...wawawa btw she is
's Sistah.. Was the Vocalist along with Liza. Very friendly, cepat mesra with sapa saja.. A bit "karas" jua p kajap2 sja..nut long afta that baik tia! Dulu she owes used to fight with Steve, Dun know why...p lama2 Steve get to used about it and now both of them are stilll in one band..which is call DejaVu..which consists of Liza's Bross, Cuzzy N oSo Kyona's LoveOne.. Was Liza's slave (wahahaha) for susun'ing' lyrics n dgarkan lagu part2 mana shud d backup since ia havee freeee time! Anywayzz We Luv u Sistah..Missing Ur "Karas" Voice u know wat we mean kan kan kan?Pray For your success n rich with prosperity..Amin!!hahaha UmmmmWahZZ...

NexT....Our former bassist......

Man a.K.a AdoL (May '04 'Till 2006) as

He was the cool man in the band.. Urg len stress n marah in time jam ia? Owes maintain cool! That why in
the middle of the 2004 we appointed him as our leader.. but sayangnya he out from the band since buzy wif his own life... We wud like to say thankz to him salnya umahnya lah tempat kami Jam dulu2 even nut actually umah nya..but rumah sewa diatas rumahnya.. paham?? hahaha.. We've been jamming there for about a year.. then we decided to jam at several paid jamming studio, kadang $10/hr kdg $15/hr..Anyway nuthin much to say bout' him.. our 'Kapla' yang paling coool..so keep it up bro!!

Seterusnya...We proudly present u our former Lead Guitarist..

JeFF a.K.a AnanG (May '04 'Till Sept 2005) as Lead GuiTarist

Our Mr.Paluh in the band.. Kuat ni berpaluh time
jamming time show apa lagi..even ber air-con bh tampat atu.. Urgnya smooth saja nda bnyak bantah.. kind n generous.. betul nih! Nda berkira urgnya.. n One thing u have to know 'bout him..ia ni Neighbor c Ewan ukan plang sebalah rumah banar p tngal se'neighborhood' ngan ia.. c Ewan la jua yg heret ia masuk dlm band ani..hehehe.. He play veerrry clean on rock music..bagi saja lagu apa mesti element rock ada toh di mainnya.. Even our 'Mirae' pun jadi rock just because of him..haha dun b angry anang! Even he was not longer in the band but we still keep in touch and sumtime he came to see our show wif the love one Emma ~ bla kawin?? Smoga capat2 kawin..RocK sTeaDy!! \m/

Seterusnya...OuR Former 2nd Guitarist (rhythm)..

D'WaN (May '04 'Till Dec'07) as 2nd Guitarist (rhythm)

He's oso one of the cool man in the band. P diam2 berisi.. His motto in life 'Single Forever' p atu dulu la sal we heard he is now has steady gf (S.T.O) wawawa cun! Ok lah in the band his the one yang mcm biscuit.. tenggelam timbul! Like Oreo plang.. He i
s 'Career Man' as wat we can see.. Music is just a hobby for him! A very good close fren of Steve. Dats why, when Steve no longer wif the band he was oso 'M.I.A' wahahaha.. Jgn Marah ah..lau tersalah ckap..! dats just from our point of view.. Peace Yoh!!!

Here were some of the band members sorry guys some of them we dun have their pic since they were with us for short timing...

Azroy (2005) as 2nd Guitarist

Roy..Roy..Roy... kawan Faizal actually.. Yg siuknya he n Faizal owes compete with each other sapa yg dulu n capat cari coding lagu... First time Roy joined the band, we suddenly got big function at 49 (MD's Houz) siooot! He's friendly.. But We have great time together..Time ia dlm band thats when we started bawa lagu2 SKA cam Save Ferris, etc....

BasiT (2006) as Bassist

Since Mann left the band Basit took replace him as our new bassist. A fre
n of Faizal.. Dat time Faizal was our Lead Guitarist.. Wif Basit we ever performed at "Konsert Gemerlapan" di Padang Bandaran, KB.. together wif the KDI artists from Indonesia.. Sweet moment!! His a family guy owes 'Family comes first' which makes him more to family thingy than music... but stilll keep in touch wif him.. Brapa urg dah baby mu? hahaha lama inda update ceta...

Merul a.K.a Z13 (July '06 until Aug '06) as Singer

Orait here comes to thisinnocent face man i.e Merul or Zammerul.. He was our male singer...Sora bleh tahan... Kami audition ia d taman Jubli,KB hahaha since ia pandai rapping time we suh ia nyanyi lagu B.E.P - Where's is the luv? yatah tauz kami terpakai. He oso veeeely gud in singing 'Corazon Espinado' its true,the pronounciation wah bulatz d sabutnya..Kewl~ When he sang 'Geek in the Pink' by Jason Mraz, ppl were amazed bcause he sound like the 'ori' singer! P syg jodohnya wif us nda panjang sal when d time we met n bawa ia join our band ia time toh final year at MKJB n attachment..Dun have time to practise n give commitment! Always Bz..cian... he oso pernah join us for BSP emblem nite (din remember which dept.) at Empire Hotel n oso d MCK at KB. time ia wif us, our songs banyak from B.E.P's album as wat we said ia ne handal rapping! Wahahaha bah if u free Merul, drop by la at our studio d pandan ah..k? dapat ja tani jam sama-sama.. Till now kami msh g alum dapt cari male singer yang dapat rapping cam c merul ani..ytah now we kan train c Reyd ni...ehehehe before we forget, all of us here wud like to say 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' To him n his lovely wife Syuu..Sorry kami nda dapt datang sal bz wif the new year eve function..! Btw this pic of him were taken from their blog..(just click the photo to visit their blog) Thankz anyway! ;) Hope both of u will live happily..dapat anak ramai n berkekalan hinga ke akhir hayat..Amin!!!

Asjad (Jan '07 Until Dec '07) as
2nd Guitarist/Male Vocalist

Joined the band soon after we when back from Singapore Hard Rock Cafe for Asean Rocks Festival.. He gave us lotsa advise and he shared lots n lotsa his knowledge, experience in Music. Friendly type of person, Kyona's Lover..He was a guitarist from 'Akar' Malaysian Rock Band, for their album 'Biar Betul'.. yala nda caya?? Cuba Check...

Zaem (May '08 Until Sept'08) as 2nd Guitarist

The NauGhTieSt /CraZy'esT' /FriEnDLy'EsT' former band member. He was the 2nd guitarist afta Asjad. Faizal's Cousin. Gila-gilanya bleh tahan. U guys will feel like knowing him for a long time already afta havin 5minutes chit chat wif him..true..true..! Gauknya jgn ckap..will nut bored whenever sma ia.. Cuma ia ne bz dgn kaja...sportnya... kdang2 jog d kawasan jln panglima ah! More to rock/heavy-metal music thats one of the factor why he was no longer with the band..Miss ya Geng..Mish ur gila-gila..ada masa ke studio la!
Lastly..we wud like to thankss some of the ppl who helping us alot since the 1st batch of
D'MaDLEY until now year 2009!!First of all this band from KB, geng-geng Ewan D'Drummer, Champion battle of the band in KB year 2005...! 'Unicorn' ier kindness n everything especially to Mr.Raman the Keyboardist thankzz alot..his the one yang rumahnya tmpat kami jamming dulu.. n oso the one who tought Steve how to paly keyboard... Thankz alot guy.. We will owes remember where we're start from... Got their pic from our old old album...hehehe masih muda belia yaa nampaknya kamu!!Thankz oso to Mann or Adol's Family...pinjamkan umah tmpat kami buat bising duluuu....Jamming siang dan malam...nut your family sporting wat??btw as u guys can see below are some of the band pic time zaman antique..masa mula2 dulu...kira classic..n at the center was our first logo done by D'DruMMeR.... E1 ~ For closing we wud like to say gud luck to allllll former band member..Wish u guys happy n success in watever u do..Amin!! If there's anything in the post which u guys tink was too far..we apologize...:)


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